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Welcome to Optimal Resume™, a free service provided by the UIU Office of Career Development!

  • Design high-impact resumes based on your major and career goals
  • Easily create resumes in several formats, including Word® Compatible, Plain Text, PDF, and HTML
  • Manage an unlimited number of resumes
  • Include your resume in your own professional website, which you can update, deactivate, and reactivate as your career progresses
Important--before starting each project, please watch the video tutorial: 
  1. Create Your Resume With Resume Builder
  2. Give Your Resume Some Style
  3. Get On Their Radar With Resume GPS
  4. Create Great Cover Letters with Letter Builder
  5. Track Your Skills With Skills Assessment
  6. Create Your Website and Share With Employers
Be sure to check internship/job postings via the NACElink Peacock Career Network.  New postings are added daily and vary from full-time, part-time, internship, entry level, and advanced.         

UIU Office of Career Development:  563.425.5229 or careers@uiu.edu. 
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